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On June 22, 2024, we will celebrate the VIII Ordizia Meeting - International Meeting José Antonio Peña. This event, which began in 2015 in memory of José Antonio Peña, a member of the Txindoki - Grupo Jaso Atletismo Taldea, reaches its eighth edition this year.

Since its inception, providing quality athletics to the public has been the main objective of the Ordizia Meeting. We have also succeeded in making it an attractive event for athletes.

Jose Antonio Peña

On January 17, 2015, José Antonio Peña Lizarraga passed away after several years of work at Txindoki Atletismo Taldea. He was a reference in athlete training and promoted athletics at the local, regional, and even national level.


In the mid-1980s, he began his work as a coach in the club, and for 30 years, he had a wide range of athletes under his command. Among them, notable athletes like Alazne Furundarena, Iker Sukia, Odei López...

He served as an athletics judge at national level in Spain and held positions in both the Basque Federation and the Gipuzkoa Federation. He had a close relationship with the Spanish athletics authorities of the time. The Ordizia Town Council and the Ordizia Sports Council awarded him the town's plaque in 2007 for his lifelong work in promoting this sport. It will be difficult to fill the void he has left in Goierri athletics.



Since its first edition, the Ordizia Meeting has not stopped growing. From the beginning, it was part of the RFEA calendar, and since 2022, it has also been included in the World Athletics Continental Tour calendar in the Challenger category.

In the 2023 edition, we became the best athletics meet in the Basque Country, the sixth in Spain, and the 121st in the world.

1. 33 Madrid, 86030 pt

2. 56 Huelva, 83254 pt
3. 75 Castellón, 81466 pt
4. 90 Barcelona 80522 pt
5. 92 Andújar, 80432 pt
6. 121 Ordizia, 78599 pt
7. 189 Salamanca, 76598 pt
8. 195 Bilbao 76313 pt
9. 215 Málaga, 75609 pt
10. 228 Granada, 75251 pt
11. 249 Pamplona, 74578 pt
12. 259 Nerja, 74302 pt






In the last edition, there were 228 athletes competing. The number of men and women was very close.


The majority of the athletes were Basque, but there were also many from other regions of Spain, especially from Castille and Leon, Catalonia, and Madrid.

39 Gipuzkoa

22 Castille and Leon

21 Biscay

19 Navarre

18 Catalonia

16 Madrid

12 Asturias

7 Galicia

5 Álava

4 Cantabria

4 La Rioja

4 Aragon

4 Valencia

3 Andalusia

Canary Islands

1 Castilla-La Mancha

Espainia 2023.png

Regarding foreign participants, there were 48 athletes from 21 different countries, both from Europe and other continents. They accounted for 21% of all participating athletes.

chart (1).png





The majority of the foreign athletes came from Europe, but there were also athletes from South America, Africa, and Oceania.

180 Spain

7 France

5 Brazil

4 Australia

United Kingdom

4 Chile

3 Cuba

2 Marocco

2 Ireland

2 Italy

2 South Africa

2 Colombia

2 Bostwana

2 Portugal

1 Czech Republic

1 Burundi

1 Argentina

1 Uruguay

1 Kenya

1 Serbia

1 Puerto Rico

Europa 2023.png
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